About me

So I guess I have a lot of explaining to do, starting with my choice of website name. Let me begin with my real name and some info about me, as it might help clear things up. I’m Natasha Mitchell and I’m a mom, wife, tech enthusiast and all around DIY tinkerer. I’ve been a mom for the past 15 years, give or take, and a wife for 17, give or take. Tech I’ve been into since I was about 10 years old and I saw my brothers playing on their Nintendo. Being the jerks that older brothers usually are, they hardly let me play any games. It was usually Super Mario, and a game featuring Gremlins that I don’t know the exact name of.

So, how did I exactly get the name for this website from all that. Well another thing you need to know about me, when I was a kid I was chubby and I kinda looked like a rat. Geniuses that they are my brothers used to call me Nat the Fat Rat. While I was setting up the domain, this website name popped into a suggestion box and I hopped right on it. It’s like it was a sign, and that’s the story of how I got the name for this website. What it’s going to be about I already covered extensively on the homepage. Read it there but suffice it to say it’s going to be a weird mix of parenting advice from a tech enthusiast perspective, personal rants about life, DIY ideas, tutorials, tips and tricks. That’s it from me. Oh and the chubby rat face condition cleared up during puberty, thank goodness. I might post a pic of me from that era, but don’t hold me to it.